Friday, February 27, 2009


One of my favorite movies growing up was Mary Poppins. When I was little me and by BFF would sit in front of the TV and watch it over and over and over again. It was nice that our moms were BFFs so that they would chat away and were able to ignore Supercalifrag...however you spell that... being sung over and over again. One of the songs in the movie is I Love to Laugh. It's about a friend of Mary Poppins and he has laughed so hard that it has made him rise to the ceiling.
I love this thought. The idea that laughing is so glorious that it makes you rise above the clouds and puts all your troubles below you. Even in the movie the only way to get down is to think of something very sad...sadness is a downer.
The other day I was talking to my most wonderful mother (in-law. I don't like really mentioning that part but since I do have another mom that is wonderful I like to make clear which one I am talking about) on the phone. We had had a very serious conversation and both of us definitely had some serious crocodile tears a flowing. Since we both hate ending on a bad note we try as hard as we can to make it so the conversation ends in happiness. This is really an unspoken thing but it's still done. In this particular conversation we started talking about how women come up with these wild and crazy stories in our heads. For instance...for the sake of embarrassing a close friend I will not use real names...I was taking a flight to a certain city and I was flying with a big group. One of the couples in this group had 3 kids. We were each assigned a child to look after and the mother, lets call her Gabriella (I know she loves that name and wants to be her), left herself with the youngest, lets call him Dash, for he was pretty young. A couple nights before the flight Gabriella was laying...or lying which ever one is correct English... in bed, this is usually when women think of crazy things, and she started thinking about what she would do if the plane started to crash. She got so nervous because she just didn't know what she would do with Dash. He was young enough that he would be in the seat with her so it's not like she could stick some sort of life preserver on him. After a lot of options she decided the best thing to do would be to stick Dash in her bra. For some reason this was the most logical explanation and eased her mind enough to go to sleep. I still laugh out loud about this.
As I was saying, though, Mom and I were talking about these crazy instances that we have thought of. Before I knew it I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and my eyes were watering. I no longer remembered the hard times that were weighing me down. All I could do was laugh.


Jeigh said...

Oh, that Gabriella is too, too funny! That sounds like a good solution to me, too. Not crazy at all.

Luanne Hardy said...

Jeigh you make me laugh so hard.

Suzi Hardy said...

I have always wondered what else a bra could be used for!!! This is seriously funny and "Gabriella" is so creative in her thinking. I hope she first remembers to put her own oxygen mask on before stuffing Dash into her bra!