Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quilt Swap!

I follow the blog Creating Sarah. Sarah is a very creative and very crafty person. To help with her creativity she follows the blog The Sassy Crafter. Therefore, I now follow The Sassy Crafter.

The Sassy Crafter set up a quilt swap and I decided to participate. If you wanted to participate you had to comment on her blog, pick out 20 cute fabrics, and cut them into 4 inch squares. I've done that. On Monday, I will put the squares in the mail and wait. What am I waiting for? Twenty new fabrics cut into 4 inch squares! Isn't that awesome! I will then be able to make a quilt out of those fabrics. I'm so excited!!!

Here are my cute cute squares.

Here's a close up.

This one is my favorite. Apparently I liked it so much I ended up coming home with it twice.

I had to buy most of my fabric. don't feel too bad, though. I found some fabric that was $1/ yrd and since I needed so little I was able to buy this fabric...

for only $0.25 each. I had two and the others I bought for only $1.00 a piece.

I'm really excited to get my new fabric back. I'll let you know what it looks like.


Sarahie said...

Yay! I believe you will get close to 100 squares back, though. That oughta be enough for a quilt.

Your fabrics are so cute!

Jeigh said...

So cute! You crazy quilters, you.