Monday, June 27, 2011

What a fun weekend.

Michael and I left two Saturday mornings ago, dogless and all, down to LA. We had tickets for Les Mis and decided to make the best of our two days down there.

We started our trip by going to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). They currently have all of Tim Burton's art up. He is one twisted dude. They had some of his school papers from when he was a kid and they were pretty twisted. It was pretty awesome, though. It was four large rooms, stacked with stinky people, of twisted, well known art. They even had costumes there, including Edward Scissor Hand's and Cat Woman's.

After LACMA we headed down to Huntington Beach to meet up with Michael's Aunt and Uncle. They are always such great company and they definitely did not fail this time. We went to a really great seafood place and ate some really great food. The whole time we were laughing and talking and it was fun.

The next morning we left their house early to go to Griffith Observatory.

Apparently, Michael used to go there all the time and I didn't even know it existed. We got to see a great view of the Hollywood sign and all of LA.

It was amazing. There were all these trails that I wanted to hike on but I was dressed for the play so I knew I would have to come back with not high heels. So if you have never been to Griffith Observatory you need to go in order for you to understand it's awesomeness. It had a lot of really cool stuff about the solar system. So check it out sometime.

Also you get to meet old Albert Einstein. We now know him as Alby.

One last thing, in order to get there you get to go through the tunnel that's in Back to the Future...2?!

After the observatory we went to the "Grand Finale," Les Mis. I have seen Les Mis three times now. Plus, Michael was in it in high school and I've watched that version several times. Each version I've seen has it's strengths and weaknesses and I have to say that this one had way more strengths then weaknesses. Right as those first two notes, you know the ones, hit I was hooked. It was different but jaw dropping. I didn't want it to end. Right when Jean Val Jean came out as a really old man to light those candles in THE candlesticks I was filled with mixed emotions. I was really excited for the final song but sad to see it end. As soon as the curtain dropped I was ready to sit back down and watch it all over again.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay to watch it again. We had to get back home to our puppy and lives. So here I am back to life. Blah. At least we had a lot of fun!

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