Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Because 3 is just simply not enough

I am crazy. I think something snapped and I started to realize that Michael's school loans are not only going to stop "paying" us but we also have to start paying them back. Because of this, I am now working three jobs:
2-Personal Chef for Jason
3-Piano Lessons

Obviously, though, this was not enough because I just decided to take on a whole new load. There is a woman in my ward who is working for a family a little bit like I am, except she doesn't cook. The mom in the family has just decided to start the raw veggie diet. If you are wondering what that is...well it's just what it sounds like. Anyway, so the mom needs someone to chop up veggies for her twice a week. So, I have "volunteered" my time in exchange for some extra cash. Looks like I will be able to save up for that Disney Cruise after all.

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Heather I. said...

I didn't know you teach piano, too! Wow, you must be the best time manager I know :)