Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love to see the temple

It has been almost 8 months since I have been to the temple. I understand that for most people it's perfectly normal to not make it to the temple that often. Most people have kids or live far away from a temple and it makes it really hard to get there. But I have no excuse. I live really close to the temple and have no kids. So, pretty much, my excuse is...nothing.

Every first Thursday of the month is my ward's temple night. Last Sunday a member from the bishopric announced ward temple night and I made a decision that I would go, no matter what. Don't be so proud of me, though. Tonight is Thursday. All day all I thought about was how I "had" to go to the temple. I was thinking of how tired I was and how I just wanted to sit at home and watch The Office. I even made a whole bunch of reasons of why I "can't" go because I was so busy. I even started to think, "I shouldn't go to the temple if I don't want to."

I started to think some more about the whole situation and realized that there is nothing that I had planned for tonight that is more important than the temple. I also realized that I would be able to stay awake no matter how tired I was and that Friday would be better if I just went. So, I hopped into the shower and left.

Oh man, I'm glad I did.

I was a little stressed because I left late and there was bad traffic. I arrived in barely enough time to get in there. The sweet temple worker slowly took my recommend and slowly scanned it. I was thinking, "Go FASTER!! I'm late." But right as he said, "Welcome to the the temple Sister Hardy" my world came to a screeching halt. I made one step into the temple and the spirit spilled over me and I was overwhelmed. To make it even better the sister that was welcoming people at the front door asked me if I would do one of her family names.

My session was awesome. I didn't realize how much stuff I needed to work out in my head and how much I needed to hear. I was able to stay wide awake and I learned so much.

I'm so glad I went.

P.S. Don't wear a watch while in the temple. You'll just keep looking at it and all it is, is a distraction.


kc petersen said...

Well said, good thing, thanks, it was a good thing for me to read at the end of another stressful, busy day!

Sarahie said...

I'm glad you took the opportunity to go! And, I have to say i'm jealous. Our temple is about 5 hours away which makes it expensive and extremely difficult with a baby. It makes me wish I hadn't taken it for granted when it was closer.

Jamie said...

Now I feel bad about not going. I totally gave in to those lame excuses.
I am glad you went and found some peace, oh and stayed awake ; )

Sarah Pope Photography said...

That is so awesome that you went. My husband and I keep repeating those words, "We need to go to the temple," but haven't been there in a few months. Thanks for your example and post. Hopefully we will follow it this month...while we still live close and don't have any kids! :)