Monday, May 24, 2010

A letter to laundry day

Dear Laundry Day,

I just have some things that I've been thinking about lately and I feel it's time to get them off my chest.

I don't like you. You always sneak up on me, I never have time for you, and I am pretty sure you make clothes appear out of thin air because there is no way Michael and I wear that many clothes. You always take at least one full day but usually manage to make it two. You make me separate stinky clothes into piles all over my house and refuse to wash and dry them at a quicker speed. On top off all of this you mock me by making me fold the clothes and put them away. What is your deal? Why must you hate me?

Like I said, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have come up with a compromise. Would you be willing to fold the clothes and put them away? I think it would make you a little less annoying. Just let me know.



Suzi Hardy said...

LOL. I agree. And if you find away to get your laundry day to accept your comprimise, tell me how you did it so I can get mine to do the same thing!

Jeigh said...

I seriously can't wait until I can afford one of those washer/dryer sets that can wash and dry in 35 minutes. Have you heard of them?? I'm saving my pennies!
I actually don't mind folding. I just do it while I watch TV or a movie. It's a good excuse to watch something. The putting away is what always gets me.

Rosie and Daphne said...

Just wait until you have a little one. Daphne gets clothes so dirty so fast, it's sometimes hard to believe. I always feel like I just did laundry and when I look in the hamper it's full again. How does this happen? I like your idea of a compromise. And I agree with your friend Jeigh, it's putting the clothes away that really gets me down.