Friday, May 28, 2010

What a GREAT day

Today was a great day. It started out by deciding that I needed to take a day off at my personal assistant job. I realized that my house was a complete disaster and I needed to clean it. Knowing that I wouldn't have a dirty house anymore started me off in the right direction.

Work at Panera was pretty easy. I just worked my little buns off, even through my break, so that I could get off early. I ended up getting off only a half hour early but it was worth it.

After work Michael and I headed to Target to get a new vacuum. We have been married for 3 1/2 years and in that time we have owned 3 vacuums: the same one twice. We have always gone cheap and we have paid the price. So, while we were at Target we took the time to look at the vacuums and weigh them out for what was best. We decided on a Bissel something something. IT IS AWESOME!! I just vacuumed with it and it picked up all the cat hair, even on the couches. It has this attachment that acts as a little hand held, powerful vacuum. SO AWESOME!!! Also, while we were at Target we got the 5th season of The Office. We don't own 1-4 but some friends of ours let us borrow them and I really wanted to start season 5. It was on sale too. Double awesome.

After Michael left for school I cleaned the whole house. It feel so nice to be in a clean, vacuumed (our other vacuum has been broken for longer than I want to admit I've gone with out vacuuming) home.

During my cleaning I was called by a gentleman that I am catering a party for. (This is my most exciting news) I've been in contact with this lady from my ward over the last couple of days talking about a memorial service for this man who was a "patron of the arts." The party is going to be about 150 people. I made up a mock menu and sent a quote last night. Today the conversation was about vamping up the menu to meet more of this guys style. I think that everyone here pretty much knows my passion and love for food. I truly believe that food brings people together better than anything else. So between my passion for food and the coordinator's stories of this gentleman we were able to create a wonderful menu. I'm excited for this event. I can't wait to get started.

I am now going to end this awesome day by taking a shower and relaxing while watching Season 5 of The Office. I love good days.

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