Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Day

I know I'm a little late but better late than never, right?

Easter was good for us. Since it was General Conference (they should do that every year) we woke up later than usual, ate some Easter candy, and then went to our friend's, Chris and Masha's (from here on out I will be calling them Crasha; it's what Michael and I call them. It's shorter) house. They just bought a new home and moved in a week ago but they were still gracious enough to have people over. Every 6 months Crasha pulls out their deep fryer and make freshly made doughnuts and the best. chips. ever. All just so we can sit in front of their TV and watch conference. This time 'round was no different than any other time. We also had these awesome, three ingredients peanut butter cookies. The cookies were brought by the other couple there, Yoko and Levi. We have not thought of a quicker way to say their name yet.

Since Crasha has a Tivo we slowly settled in and watched the first session of conference. During the first session Crasha was preparing a ham dinner. So, between sessions we ate it and it was awesome! We even got to partake in Masha's special Easter bread. She is from Ukraine so we get to have the benefits of learning about her cultural and traditions. One of these traditions is this awesome Easter bread. It's a sweet bread with raisins usually topped with a glaze; so good.

After ham we all mosied our way back into the living room to watch the second session. I did fall asleep for part of it but woke up just in time to hear my favorite talk of the session. I also got to cuddle with Crasha's cat, Coco; that was nice.

After the second session we spent about four and a half hours talking and laughing. It was great fun. But everyone, but Michael, had work the next day so we had to eventually scrape ourselves off the couch and go home.

At home I dove into my Easter candy and then fell into a candy coma. It was fantastic. Below are pictures of what the Easter bunny brought.

*Just in case you were wondering: the thing about Easter Sunday that helped me move forward was watching conference.


Jeigh said...

I think the obvious answer is Yovi or Leko. Not quicker, I guess, but fun to say! Love you!

Chris said...

I prefer Yovi