Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh to be a cat

Today I was over at a friends house and while I was there I was observing her cat.

My friend had to hop in the shower and during that time the cat and I started to have some fun. She decided she wanted to play a game of fetch with her mouse. She would drop the mouse in front of me and wait "patiently" for me to throw it. She would then do some awesome flip or dramatic somersault to get the mouse and would bring it back to do it all over again. We played for a long time together and even though it was funny I had other things to take care of so I nicely told her that I couldn't play anymore. After a minute she understood that I wasn't going to throw the mouse so she took it on herself to play some fetch. She would take the mouse and throw it way up in the air. She was doing the same somersaults and flips and was just as content playing by herself. I would watch her and I realized she loved to play with that mouse whether I was there or not. Even though she liked that I was playing with her she didn't need me there to enjoy herself.

It made me start to look at my life and how I entertain myself. The majority of the time I am not very good at entertaining myself. I sit bored staring at the computer or TV. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy/need that time to let my brain turn to mush but after a while I get pretty bored. I don't have any motivation to get up and do anything and I don't really want to. The majority of the time I just sit there throwing a pity party that I'm by myself.

Today, though, I realized that I just need to learn how to play fetch with myself. Even though it is fun to play fetch with others you can do it by yourself and have just as much fun. It's amazing what you can learn from a cat.


Rosie and Daphne said...

I totally agree. Thank you for posting such an inspirational story. I think I need to learn to "play fetch" by myself too. :)

Sarah Pope Photography said...

I love this! Everytime I have read your blog or heard you speak in church I learn something important or get the exact reminder I need. Thank you! Not only that, but I love that you can put it in such simple but perfect words. Please keep on writing!