Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There has been a slight change

Fellow blog stockers...hello.
So, remember that post that I just posted about my awesome new second job, well it's not going to work. Don't worry there is even better news coming. It turns out I was almost involved in this huge craigslist scam. These people send you a fake check for $3000. They then tell you to send $2300 of it to a company that they always use so that you can buy your computer. The check than bounces in your account and you are out $2300 and the scammers come out big. Long story short, the $3000 is still in my bank and I'm not sending anyone anything. I know that in about a week that $3000 check I deposited will show up as no good and will taken out of my account. So, I'm not spending it, it will just sit there and wait to be taken out. The guy who is scamming me has been turned in and I'm left feeling like an idiot. But, in my defense, it sounded totally ligit.
On the so awesome side, I got a job as a personal chef!! Michael works for this really nice/rich family every once in a while. The wife is the bread...I mean major bread...winner and he is a stay at home dad. They have a nanny and a house cleaner. So, for 20 hrs. a week I'm going to do grocery shopping, some reading to his son, some laundry, light cleaning, and...THE BEST PART...I will cook dinner for them every night. If after three months I can commit to a year than I will become full time. So, I'm going to work a little less at Panera so I can do this job as well (something I really really want to do) and I will be making so much extra money. Enough that we will be able to pay rent and have money for groceries, and for going to the movies, and other fun things.
Even though I thought that I had a second job on Sunday I still decided to fast for some help. I have also been praying every night, with all my heart, and I am so blessed to know that Heavenly Father has heard my prayers. He not only gave me this job for the extra money but he gave it to me because he knows it is something I enjoy. I consider that the icing on the cake. I'm so grateful that my Heavenly Father knows the bigger plan.


Sarah Pope Photography said...

Yay! That is so exciting! I was a little suspicious of the 1st job you were describing, but thought, "She knows what she is getting into." I am soo glad to hear that you found something even better. Congratulations!

Team Jogan said...

That sounds like an awesome job! Congrats and good luck! Glad you figured out about the scam before you lost money.

Rosie and Daphne said...

Wow that job sounds like a dream come true and totally suited to your tastes. Congratulations!

Brookie cookie said...

I really can't believe what some people will do to get money from others! I'm so glad the guy was turned in. As for the new job I am way stoked for you! I'm sure you will do an excellent job! Don't you love it when Heavenly Father takes care of you?