Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Miley!

I was watching TV the other day when I saw the ad for the new make-me-want-to-throw-up chick flicks. It has Miley Cyrus in it with some guy. The movie is about a girl who is forced to move to her dad's house for the summer. He, of course, lives on the beach and she, of course, meets a dude. The ad shows their love exploding on the screen and if you watch it too much you might actually throw up.

While I was watching this ad I was reminded of the beginning of Michael and I's relationship. We were never too throw upee but it still wasn't pretty. We would hold hands, snuggle, kiss, look into each other's eyes, and all that jazz. We were slowly trying to get to know each other and learn the best things about each other so we could fall in love and get married. Well, it worked. We managed to show our best qualities to each other and "trick" one another into locking the other one in for eternity.

Now that we have been with each other for a while we no longer hold hands, snuggle, look into each other's eyes, and I can honestly say I can't remember the last time we actually kissed. **We do these things at proper times but it's not all the time. It's very very rarely We do stuff that is so much better.

Instead, we can look at each other and know exactly what the other one is thinking. When we really want to piss off the other person we know exactly what button to push. Then, when it's gone too far we know exactly how to bring it back to home base. We also know how to avoid those fights all together. We make each other laugh just by making silly faces. We giggle about nothing all day. I know that Michael is showing me affection by putting his stinky feet all over me. He also shows this kind of special affection when he knows my day has been awful. We can tell each other our deepest, "darkest" secrets in confidence. We can sit in the same room all day and not say a word to each other but it doesn't matter. Even though we were in love back in the day, I know that we are more in love now than we have ever been. It's crazy to think that we will be even more in love one day because that seems simply impossible.

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