Sunday, April 25, 2010

And it begins

Tomorrow I start my new job. With this job and my job at Panera I will be working about 60 hrs/ week. I'm a little worried; not because of the 60/hrs but because of my house cleaning. Already I have a hard time keeping up with house work. It's really hard to have a full time job plus cleaning the house. I want to let you know, at this point, that Michael does house work as well. I don't even have to ask him, he just does it; but one person can't do it all.

As I was thinking about my worries today I decided the best option would be to make a schedule of what days I will be doing what. I started out by writing down everything that needed to get done and how many times a week that needed to get done. I then mapped out my days so I know exactly when to do what things. I feel better.

On another good note, they had strawberries at the dollar store last time I went so Michael and I just ate a really good Luanne specialty for dessert. Mmmmm...

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Sarahie said...

Hey! That's how I do it too! It must be a good idea!