Monday, March 1, 2010

#1: I hope I keep going strong

Today started out as a really good day. I ate more than I was planning on but that's because I didn't realize how much I had to actually eat. Another thing I didn't realize is how much crap is so yummy in the grocery store. It was hard to say no while grocery shopping today but I did it. I didn't even grab a candy bar while I was waiting in line. :)
I think I'm off to something great.
I did 60 minutes of Plyometrics with P90X. This is an awesome work out program that kicks your butt. I worked my legs and buttox today.
Breakfast: 1 C. Honey Nut Cherrios and Toast 170 Calories
Lunch: Egg salad sandwhich 280 Calories
Snack: Granola Bar 88 Calories
Dinner: Chicken with rice and steamed veggies 240 Calories
Dessert: Yogurt with fruit salad 95 Calories
Total: 873 Calories


Jeigh said...

If you're doing P90X, you need to be consuming waaaay more calories, don't you? Because I've seen commercials for that, and that probably burns about all the calories you consumed for the day. I don't know if it's different when you are diabetic, but for me to have healthy weight loss of 1 lb. a week, I should be eating just under 1,300 calories, and more if I'm exercising.

Sarahie said...

I agree with Jeigh, although I don't really know either. I'm breastfeeding so I'm supposed to get like 1500 calories a day and probably more when I exercise. It's a good thought. Love you!