Friday, March 19, 2010

Giving In and Seeking Help

Hello there blog stockers. I hope all is well. As most of you know by reading my blog daily, because I know you do, I'm in a little bit of a funk. You know the one where you feel over weight and under appreciated?!? How do you people get out of the funk? What is your way of making yourself feel better?
I could really use any thing to help. So let me know! :)


Sarahie said...

First, get some sleep. I always feel better after a good sleep. Second, have your husband tell you what he thinks is attractive about you. That always helps me!

Some other things that help me:
1. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what is pretty about you. Don't be negative at all.
2. Try looking beyond feeling bad about yourself. Find things to be grateful for in your life. Then you can forget feeling overweight and under appreciated.
3. Read the scriptures.
4. Pray.
5. Call your sisters (in-law).
6. Call your mommy.
7. Do some stretches and/or dance.

I hope that helps! Love ya!

Jeigh said...

I've been feeling sorta funky myself lately. Today, I realized that when I am feeling like my life is chaotic, it really helps me to organize and clean a space. Today, I did my car. I haven't cleaned it all winter, and it was so gross. Now, it is so clean, I want to hang out in it. I also take time sometimes to clean my desk, or organize a drawer, or just answer the call of some eyesore in my home. Clean, organized spaces bring me calm.

Then, follow the suggestions on Sarah's list. Also, sometimes just hearing someone else say that they feel the same way helps me feel better. So, I am here to say that I feel the same way sometimes. You are not alone! I love you!!

ErinG said...

this may sound a little strange, but I find that taking 20 minutes a day to soak up the sunshine does wonders for my mood. Don't do anything but sit in the sun and let it cover you. Notice how warm and bright and good it feels and then think about other things in your life warm you and make you feel good too!