Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#8 Just pretend

So as I was falling asleep last night I remembered that I didn't post my blog. I had thought about what I wanted to blog about but I was soooo tired. So just pretend that I posted this last night and deal with the fact that I will be posting two today. :)
I had the opportunity to spend my late afternoon with a good friend. Irene is one of the greatest people I know. She is always willing to do so much for other people and is always there to make me feel better. For a couple of weeks Irene has been really stressed out. She has been having some up and down issues and has been needing a friend. So, I took the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her. We went bathing suit shopping and it was a blast. We both got to laugh and let go. It's always great to spend time with friends.

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