Sunday, March 28, 2010

I forget what number I'm on.

Today was Easter Sunday in our ward. I'm really disappointed because I was so distracted with other things that I couldn't even concentrate on anything. But the one thing I was able to concentrate on was Primary. This month in Primary we are learning the song Follow the Prophet. We have learned Adam, Daniel, and a made up verse of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith, the prophet, he's a man we love.
With of faith undaunted, prayed to God above.
When the heavens opened God showed him the way.
To restore the gospel in the latter day.

Today we learned the made up verse of President Monson.

Thomas Spencer Monson
Prophet of our day.
We must always listen
to what he has to say.
He warns us of evil
Tells us what is right.
Tells us to serve others.
Serve with all your might.

My idea in learning the verse was as follows:
I had 12 ties. Each tie represented an apostle. So if the kids sang the other songs well they became an apostle. On the back of each tie was a line of the verse. Each apostle taught us that line and we learned the verse.

I love ideas like this. The kids are involved and loving it. That's all I ask for.

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Sarah*MK said...

Lulu, those verses are awesome! I love your ideas for singing creative and involved! <3 em!