Monday, March 22, 2010

#15: I'm not lying

A while ago, around Christmas, Michael and I were looking for dollar stocking stuffers. We felt the best place to start would be Target. They have those AWESOME dollar bins and we figured we would be able to find a lot. I believe, though, Heavenly Father really needed us to give us a much needed blessing so Target ended up not being everything we wanted. While we were leaving I remembered seeing a 99 cent store kind of close to Target so I directed us that way. We figured that we would be able to find some funky stuff and it would be silly, we had no idea what we would really find. I can't exaggerate enough how awesome this 99 cent store is. There is a produce area, a freezer aisle. It has every cleaning supply you could ever need. Michael has bought several ties there as well. Long story short, it is now our new grocery store. There are only two things I can't buy there; milk and cereal.
Today we went grocery shopping and I decided I would "prove" to you how awesome this place actually is.
Notice my new cute belt. That is an 8 pack of eggs, perfect amount, and name brand air freshener.
Here you will find a bag of Kiwis and name brand brownies. Also in this picture is a bag of P.Nuttles. These are butter toffee peanuts and they are so awesome.
Here is all of our groceries, minus some duplicates. A grocery list that would of ended up being about $75 was only $40!
I do have to say, today was a good day.


Jeigh said...

Holy cow! I'm so jealous! Our dollar stores are seriously lacking out here! Be careful buying food at the dollar store, though, because sometimes the packages are smaller, and those brownies (I think) are .88 at Walmart. At least, our Walmart. CA is probably more expensive. But sometimes, I've noticed, they throw in stuff that is a better deal somewhere else. But, I still think that's pretty cool!

Luanne Hardy said...

I am on the watch out for that Jeigh. Unfortunately here in expensive Cali those brownies are $1 at our grocery store when it's a KILLER deal. Our Wal-Mart isn't well stocked here because it isn't super.