Thursday, March 4, 2010

#4: Figuring things out

Alright people I think I got this!
Today was a good day. Work was rather busy but it's because it was sunny and warm. I ate a lot more today and I did have a lot more energy; it's funny how that works. I thought a lot today about sweets. I learned in my nutrition class that I took like 3 years ago that you need not deprive yourself of the stuff that is bad for you; such as candy, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. Instead, you need to not eat as much. If you deprive yourself completely you will one day not be able to handle it and eat way too much. Make sense? So I decided that I will have a little bit of sweet everyday.
I have good news on the job front. I'm not going to give too much away because it's a lot to explain and I'm not sure what will actually happen. But, I'm going to be getting a new job soon for sure. There are two places that are interested in me and we'll see where I end up!
Hope you all had a good day. Here's what I ate:
Breakfast: Mango and Peach Topper from Jamba...go try one. 360 Cal
Lunch: Bologna Sandwich: 240 Cal
Dinner: Rice with Creamy Veggies: 284 Cal
Brownie: 151 Cal...pretty unbelievable
Total: 1035 Cal
I did 339 Ab workouts

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